In March of 2019 I traveled to the remote town of Lira in Northern Uganda to document the the Keframa School Build project. Despite its violent history Lira is a bustling and colourful town. Secondary education is difficult to come by in Uganda due to a lack of state-funded secondary school programs. Keframa High School is aiming to provide secondary education to 500 children in this isolated part of Uganda. For more info on the project head to

A man performs with explosive energy for the Keframa High School Celebration. He walked on with a cane, and says “I am thankful for this cane. Although I do not see it as a permanent problem, only as a temporary inconvenience.” As he begins to sing a dwarf hobbles on stage with a cane and starts to dance. The crowd erupts in cheers and laughter as the dwarf spins and dances.

One of the performances at the Keframa High School Celebration was a 

Two students shelter from the sun at Keframa high school.

A drummer performs for the the crowd at the Keframa High School Celebration.

The students of Keframa High School dance and sing worship songs at the

Keframa High School Celebration.

A dancer poses for the camera at the Keframa High School Celebration.

A technology salesman in Lira. Uganda once had a high population of Indians living in Uganda, but due to government pressure and racial issues, many have moved back to their home country.

This is the daughter of Francis, who's family has been working as fishmongers across Uganda for 20 years.

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